New Age


We all love the sound of that!

2020 is a fresh start. 

I must say, I took half of this first month of this year to really take in the change. To me, it’s like floating on water looking at the clouds and appreciating life.

It’s a new year. New start. Redemption for some people. Sign of hope for some people. Most importantly, it is different for everyone.

2019 was a big one for everyone both in the good and bad way. But did you die though despite the hard times? 😂

Only God knows how much I want to be happy this year and be at peace with my heart.😊

2020 is an open door if you get what I mean. 

I’m still taking it in. My fresh start. My redemption.

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. 

This year 2020, I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept. What do you say to that?

Let’s make the resolutions and start the change. If you’ve done that already, you can always review it.

You owe yourself that much, don’t you think?

Let’s break limits this year!

Close your eyes,

Remind yourself it’s a new year with new promises,

Take deep breaths in and out,


Be full of gratitude to God,

Make a new choice of surrenderness to God,

Be better this year!


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