Bed of roses

So, you know the popular saying “Life is not a bed of roses”? Well, I don’t agree with it, I think life is a bed of roses, especially for a Christian. 🙇🏿‍♀️

Please stay with me as I explain.

A bed of roses has various components or things surrounding it; the soil, rocks, the roses, weeds, sunlight and rain.

Basically, I’m mostly going to write about the roses, weeds, rocks, sunlight and rain, let’s start from the last one.

Rain: God gives rain and sunshine to both the wicked and the just. Rain is a symbol of blessings, it can come as showers, drizzles or even thunderstorms, which can be blessings in disguise. If I am correct, roses bloom more in temperate regions like Europe, these places, have a high amount of rainfall such that other than in winter, you can count the number of days rain does not fall. As Christians, we live in an amazing climate of God’s blessings, even in thunderstorms and blizzards, there are blessings, at the end of it all, we see the evidence of such blessings when the blooms spring out.

Sunshine: You know that the sun depicts day and night. Thanks sun is always shining, it’s just that sometimes, the place you are on Earth isn’t facing it so you don’t see it, but as long as you’re on the earth, if you look hard enough, you might just see the moon which is an evidence that the sun is still shining. As a Christian, your eyes should always be fixed on Jesus, He is always there, never changing. If peradventure you lose your focus or turn your back on him, just look hard enough, you’ll still see evidence of His presence, use that to guide/encourage you back to Him.

Rocks: No matter how hard you try, even if you sieve the sand, one way or another, rocks will find their way into a flower bed (I think sometimes they’re even good for the flowers). Do you know the parable of the sower? (It’s found in Matthew 13) Well, some of the seeds fell onto rocky soil so they were not well rooted. When the sun came out, they were scorched and dried up. The truth is, Jesus has promised us tribulations in this world, but He also said we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. No matter what happens, make sure you are rooted and established in the Word of God, that way, when tribulations come (they surely will), you will not backslide, but will stand firm.

Weeds are the most annoying. When you uproot them, others find a way of replacing them. Be wary of weeds. Matthew 13:38 calls them the children of the evil one. Be careful with the people around you and the people you surround yourself with. Pray for guidance in choosing friends, partners, study groups, a spouse, etc. Pray for guidance for whom to relate with, especially those close to you. Along with weeds sometimes comes thorns; these are the dates of this world; worries about money, school, career, spouse, etc. Do not let them choke/overwhelm you, uproot them immediately you spot them. If they would hurt you or pierce you, pull them out of your skin, treat yourself and move on with life. Do not waste time on thorns, uproot them and chick them out! Thorns can come as thoughts, don’t dwell on worrisome thought, discard them and dwell on Godly things as found in Phillipians 4:8.

Now, to the roses themselves, that’s you and me. Together, we form a bed of roses (the Church).

As an individual, you experience these things, also collectively, as a Church, we experience these things.

As a rose, you are beautiful, you shine, you bloom, you stand out, you are drop dead gorgeous, however, roses have thorns.

These thorns are different from that earlier discussed.

Paul mentions in one of his Epistles that he prayed to God concerning a particular issue for a long time, but it wasn’t taken away.

He realized that he had to live with it as thorn in his side to remind him of his place in Christ, it gave a humbling effect, kinda like to keep him in check.

Sometimes, things happen to us which we don’t understand, pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance so that you don’t end up condoning what was never yours to begin with.

~ J. B. Yisa


  1. Also permit me to add as applicable in the saying that “as you lay your bed so you’ll sleep on it” same goes for life if been a bed of roses; our attitude, view of life and general disposition towards the things of life makes is either beautifully laid bed or otherwise. In all may God open our eyes to see the beauty of his glory.

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